Vermont Castings

Cast, manufactured and enamelled under one roof. Vermont Castings stoves have been developed to cope with the most intensely cold North American winters. What this means is a big stove that will run at an even output for many hours, chucking out lots of heat.

Elegant casting details and classic enamel options make these stoves suitable for free standing in the room or installed into a fireplace. They look good and keep the whole family cosy when you need that extra heat during winter.

showcase_logoShowcase model: Vermont Castings Encore Catalytic Woodburner. Nominally rated to run at 8kW, but with the capacity to operate atĀ up to 12kW with no effort. The Encore is a physically big powerhouse of a stove. Putting the unique top loading hatch to great work, this fire will take large loads of very big logs. Plus it can be run in two modes, direct flue for quick lighting and cooking on the large hotplate, or ‘Catalytic 2in1’ mode. Once running hot it can be switched to Catalytic mode for a slow but complete burn, that extends loading intervals and exploits all the possible energy from your fuel.

Vermont Castings Woodburning Stoves

Look out for the 2in1 ‘Catalytic Combustion System’ present as standard on many of the Wood only models. A lever is used to direct flue gases through the ceramic catalyst causing them to reignite on the glowing surface and reclaim maximum heat from the fuel.

aspen-wood-display-51285Aspen Woodburner Intrepid II Catalytic Woodburnerintrepid-2-display-82580
Encore Two-in-One Woodburner

NominalĀ 8kw
Min 5.5kW to Max 12 KW
Resolute Acclaim Non-Catalytic Woodburnerresolute-biscuit-display-74177
Nominal 10.7kw
Min 5kW to Max 16kW
Defiant Two-in-One Catalytic Woodstovedefiant-matt-black-display-73142
Nominal 8kw
Min 5.5kW to Max 12.8kW
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