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Stovax Riva Vision & Riva Studio ranges

Riva Vision stoves on display at Orion Heating. Available as Small, Midi & Medium in either wood or multifuel


Stovax Riva Studio 3 woodburnerRiva Studio inset wood burning fire by Stovax. Three models to suit the heating requirements of your home

Right hand photo: The visually stunning Stovax Riva Studio 2. Shown with it’s Pienza white stone surround.


Riva Studio FreestandingStovax Riva Studio Freestanding 1 and 2


Choosing between a wood or multifuel fire

The Woodburning Vision & Studio fires

The wood version is optimised for bedding down logs on a layer of ash. The ‘Boost’ setting injects air around the firebed for lighting and refuelling. At around 80% efficient, the wood version rarely needs to be emptied of ash. When it does a shovel can be used to cleanly remove a small amount of ash. A pure woodburner should always have 1″ of ash in the base for wood to sit on. These stoves employ a cutting edge moulded vermiculite log tray for ensuring high fire chamber temperatures.

The Multifuel Vision

Hidden behind the glass door is a intricate riddling mechanism and ash pan. Moving the single control lever adjusts the air systems for optimum burning of wood or alternatively solid fuel. The multifuel grate incorporated into this version of the Vision can be set for wood or solid fuel. When set to wood, it enables a bed of ash to form on top of the grate for bedding down and high efficiency combustion of logs. Set for solid fuel it allows air to feed a smokeless fuel fire form under the grate.