Stovax Riva Plus Stoves

st_trad-wmf_rivapluslarge_p_1Cutting Edge Traditional Stoves

The Riva Plus is a range of stoves from Stovax that fit very well in to UK fireplaces. Designed in Exeter and manufactured in Germany, Riva Plus is the next level up from Stovax’s Stockton steel stoves. The Traditional looking body hides a wealth of excellent features;

  • Single control lever for all three combustion air inlets. This ensures the stove is always tuned correctly for the amount of fuel you wish to burnRiva plus medium woodburning
  • Wide output ranges ensure that even with a small load of fuel or a full firebed, the Riva Plus will burn cleanly and efficiently.
  • Convection casing through the rear and top bodywork. Ensures a constant movement of hot air around the fireplace and room.
  • Double Airwash top and bottom of the glass. Sending heated air directly across the glass surface to prevent deposits of tar and ash dust.
  • Dedicated Wood and Multifuel Versions each optimised for the different burning characteristics of wood and solid fuel. More details below.
  • Quality Cast Iron Double Doors that achieve the classic British woodburner look. The controllable output range means a big fire will operate efficiently at modest outputs but not look tiny in a big fireplace.
Model Manufactures stated Control range Nominal output
Stovax Riva Plus Small
2 to 5 kW  5kW
Stovax Riva Plus Midi
3 to 6.5 kW 6.5kW
plus-med2-tiStovax Riva Plus Medium 5 to 8 kW 8kW
plus-lg3-tiStovax Riva Plus Large 7 to 11 kW 11kW
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