Stovax and Gazco

Available at Orion Heating, your local Stovax and Gazco Expert Retailer.

We supply Stovax and Gazco stoves to Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and North London. High quality and well designed Stovax stoves are displayed throughout our showroom. Orion Heating work directly with Stovax in Exeter, technical questions can be answered immediately and our after sales service is second to none.

Only real shops in Stovax’s Expert Retailer Network can give you the full 5 year Warranty.
“Your Stovax and Gazco Stove or Fireplace must have been purchased from an authorised stockist within our Expert Retailer Network and your warranty registered with Stovax or Gazco within one month of the later of the purchase date or installation date.”


Studio-2-Freestanding_1000showcase_logoShowcase models; Riva Vision and Riva Studio product ranges- A result of constant innovation and improvement, the Riva range from Stovax displays all the features that you could want in a stove. Amazing flame patterns and stunning looks, delivered with delicate controls and attention to day to day practicalities. See Stovax Riva products in more detail here

showcase_logoplus-med2-tiShowcase models; Riva Plus Traditional Woodburner
Traditional in appearance but cutting edge technology beneath the surface. Riva Plus stoves are controlled with a single lever that tunes all three air systems perfectly. The Airwash is fed from above and below the glass to keep it clean. Heat is transfered to the room via a convection chamber, ensuring a constant movement of warm air from the moment it’s lit. All together it makes for probably the best traditional looking stove on the market. See our Riva Plus page for more details

Stovax and Gazco stoves;

Traditional Wood & Multi Fuel
Seven distinctive ranges featuring classic stove designs to suit period and modern traditional homes.

Contemporary Wood & Multi fuel
Modern alternatives in wood burning only and wood or multi fuel versions for up-to-the-minute, contemporary interiors.

Contemporary Gas
Gas versions of our popular contemporary woodburning stoves as well as exclusive gas-only designs.

Traditional Gas
Featuring gas-only designs plus convenient and easy-to-use, gas versions of our leading woodburning models.
Traditional Electric
These stoves provide the looks and atmosphere of a traditional woodburner but without the need for a flue or chimney.
Contemporary Electric
Real fire ambience and modern styling with the simplicity of just plugging into a 13amp socket.

DEFRA Approved Stovax Stoves

Stovax are constantly improving their range and ensuring that stoves are attractive, efficient and cleanburning. Many Stovax models are approved for burning wood in someless zones such as central London and Cambridge.

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