Morso Spares

Danish Woodburners at Orion Heating

Orion Heating are the local family run Stove Shop for Essex, Herts, Suffolk, Cambridge and North London. We have showcased quality Danish stoves since the 1970s and provide a complete package of advice, design, Installer Network and after-sales service.

heta_logoOrion Heating are the local authorised dealer for HETA Stoves. Click here to see the best Danish stoves in more detail, or visit our Essex showroom to try them for yourself;

  • Heta specialise in cutting edge designs and well engineered burning controls
  • Complete ranges designed for UK fireplaces, built to consistently high Heta standards
  • All Heta models sourced, assembled and shipped from the West coast of Denmark, direct to the UK.


MORSO Spares

Spares and Stove glass for Morso stoves
Orion Heating carry spare parts for popular models of Morso stove. Plus we have genuine SCHOTT ROBAX Ceramic Glass cut to size for each model.

Genuine Morso Spare parts: Cast Iron Baffle, side bricks, back brick, riddling grate, fuel retainer, complete door assembly. We stock Genuine 8mm Morso Soft black glass rope, as used on every model for a very long time.

Morso Squirrel Stove spares and glass

Morso 1400 Stove spares and glass

Morso Badger Stove spares and glass

Morso Panther Stove spares and glass

Morso Owl Stove spares and glass

Morso 3610 Cleanheat stove spares and glass

Morso Dove Stove spares and glass

Morso Ø Collection spares and glass

Morso Insert Stoves spares and glass

Morso 6100 stoves spares and glass

Morso 6600 stove spares and glass

Morso 7110 Viking Stove spares and glass

Morso 7400 Stove spares and glass

Morso 7600 Stove spares and glass

Morso 7900 stove spares and glass

Morso 8100 stove spares and glass

Morso 8243 stove spares and glass

Morso S series stove spares and glass
– Romotop S81 & S11 spares

Morso DB15 stove spares and glass

Morso Swift stove spares and glass

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