Lotus – Danish Woodburners

Lotus is typical of what we want from a Scandinavian product. Defined by an attention to detail, style and function that is rare to find in a single item. These qualities are combined at Lotus to make a outstanding stoves.

From inset fires for the wall, to elegant freestanding stoves – there is a Lotus model to suit your fireplace renovation or new-build project.

showcase_logoShowcase model; Lotus H570T Tunnel cassette fire
The double sided fireplace is a rare and wonderful feature to have in your home. It is an option when fireplaces sit back to back or bridge two living spaces. The Lotus Tunnel fire is around 590mm deep, therefore able to bridge a deep chamber between the two sides, but at the same time generates a sensible output of 4kW to 9kW combined across the two spaces.
The H570T is a stunning addition, with large glass windows to each side and a large fire-bed between for burning logs. It’s a great alternative to the traditional double sided stove, which tends to get lost in the chamber because it’s too small. The Lotus Tunnel deserves a elevated position on the wall, in a location where lots of people can enjoy the flames.

SIA Ecodesign ReadySIA Ecodesign Ready

Lotus stoves that bear the SIA Ecodesign Ready label are compliant with forthcoming Ecodesign regulations on CO, Particulates, OGC’s and NOx emissions. Nothing comes close to the real-fire ambiance that comes from heating your home with this carbon neutral fuel source.

Smoke Control Areas

labelsThe Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were introduced to tackle the increasing pollution derived from domestic and industry emissions. The Acts allowed the Local Authorities to control these smoke and fume emissions from industrial premises, as well as homes. The term “Smoke Control Areas” became known in many large towns and cities, and those living in these areas can only burn logs on fires and stoves which demonstrate particularly clean burning combustion.

brochureLotus literature

The Lotus brochure offers a wealth of information on our comprehensive range of products. Browse through the facts and advice you need to select the best stove or fire for you and be inspired by our set ideas with professional interior styling and photography.

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