Scandinavian Woodburners and spare parts, for Heta, Nordpeis, Dovre, Jotul, Morso & Lotus

Orion Heating are the local family run Stove Shop for Essex, Herts, Suffolk, Cambridge and North London. We have showcased quality Norwegian and Danish stoves since the 1970s including Heta, Nordpeis, Dovre, Jotul and Morso. We provide a complete package of advice, design, Installer Network and after-sales service.

jotulOrion Heating are the local authorised dealer for HETA Stoves. Click here to see the best Danish stoves in more detail, or visit our Essex showroom to try them for yourself.

The Scandinavians build stoves to work well in modern European homes. Not only will they keep you cosy when the outside temperature is subzero, but the output ranges can accommodate the cool days of spring and autumn with a couple of logs and a sensible amount of heat.

  • Heta specialise in cutting edge designs and well engineered burning controls
  • Complete ranges designed for UK fireplaces, built to consistently high Heta standards
  • All Heta models sourced, assembled and shipped from the West coast of Denmark, direct to the UK.
  • Visit the Heta website here

jotulNordpeis are a large and inovative fireplace and stove manufacturer based in Norway, offering exciting products

Visit Orion Heating to view a large display of quality Norwegian Nordpeis stoves. With large windows and highly optimised technology for burning wood, these stoves create a focal point in the room and keep the home warm all winter.

Jotul servicing spares and stove glass are available to order from Orion Heating

Orion Heating carry spare parts for popular models of Jotul stove. Plus we have genuine SCHOTT ROBAX Ceramic Glass cut to size for each model. Please visit our showroom in Takeley for servicing parts and advice on getting the best out of your stove.

Jutul F100
Jotul F136
Jotul F371 Advance
Jotul F137
Jotul F373 Advance
Jotul F162
Jotul F377 Advance
Jotul F163
Jotul F378
Jotul F163
Jotul F481
Jotul F165
Jotul F483
Jotul F167
Jotul F520
Jotul F305
Jotul I520
Jotul F305LL
Jotul F105 LL
Jotul F134
Jotul F305SL
Jotul F105 SL
Jotul F135
Jotul F305B
Jotul F105 B

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