HETA – Danish Woodburning Stoves

Orion Heating are the local retailer for HETA Stoves

Visit our showroom to view HETA Stoves on live display. An established quality brand who build every stove in Denmark. Modern Danish Stoves that suit UK homes and fireplaces.

  • Heta stoves are DEFRA approvedPractically every model is DEFRA approved for use in Smokeless Zones (such as London, West Cambridge and Harlow)
  • Outside air connections for achieving air-tight and room sealed operation
  • Large Ash containers that will hold weeks worth of waste
  • Optional Soapstone cladding or Internal Thermastone blocks to keep the nice sleek look but achieve super heat storage
  • Optional Bread Ovens that are integrated above the firebox

showcase_logoShowcase models; Inspire series – 40, Inset 40, 45 and 55
We are very impressed with the control and flame pattern from these stoves. Designed specifically for typical UK fireplaces, but now a popular stove across Europe. The Inspire series is a highly tuned stove able to burn wood perfectly and also Smokeless Fuels.  Efficient and DEFRA approved for smokeless zones. Visit our shop to try it out.
More details here at heta.dk
INSPIRE 45-LOKATION-HETA-FIRE (2)Heta Inspire 40 Inset stove at Orion Heating

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 Side Windows

Side Windows

Thermal Mass Stoves

Thermal mass stoves

Baking Stoves

Baking stoves

Insert Stove

Insert stove

Wallhanging Stoves

Wallhanging stoves

Stoves from Heta represent pure enjoyment

A stove from Heta represents pure enjoyment and common sense. Our entire range of stoves is designed for constant firing thanks to robust construction and high-quality materials.

Heta stoves are equipped with a patented three- or eight-liter ash bucket.

All Heta stoves can be turned and locked in the desired position from 90 to 180 degrees.

Stoves from Heta are also available with heat-distributing stone. This feature provides additional heat storage and renders the heat more efficient compared to ordinary stoves.

Made in Denmark

All stoves from Heta are designed and manufactured at our factory in Lemvig in Denmark. Heta is excellent quality for anyone who appreciates Danish design.

All stoves are inspected before leaving the factory. In addition, you get a five-year warranty on your Heta stove.

All Heta stoves have very high burning value, so you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burned before leaving the chimney.

Heta’s stoves are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe. They are tested in accordance with applicable regulations in Norway, Denmark, Germany as well as the new European norm. Heta’s completely unique fire chamber and air channels mean that CO2 and harmful particles are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Heta’s stoves are produced in black, matte quality steel. You can also combine it with enamel or ceramics in many colours, or soapstone or wood to get a customised stove perfect for your living room.

Quality Danish Engineering

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