Dovre Wood, Multifuel and Gas stoves

Specialising in Cast Iron appliances with an interesting attention to design and styling. Dovre stoves look great in any room.

The company has an interesting heritage. The name and inspiration stem from a founding members Norwegian wife, whose family relied on Woodburing Stoves throughout the harsh Nordic winters. The name Dovre comes from a Mountain that spends all year shroud in snow.

Manufactured in Belgium at the Dovre foundry, and hand assembed by Belgium engineers. The high quality materials and production mean that all Dovre stove come with a 5 year warranty.

vintage-35-2showcase_logoShowcase models – Dovre Vintage 35 Woodburning Stove. “Very cool, it looks like a 1950s American TV”, “That’s amazing, is it actually a stove?”, “That’s quite odd”. Whatever your reaction to the Dovre Vintage series, there is no questioning it’s superb performance and flame control. The firebox and controls are cutting edge while the styling is pure retro.

Contemporary Stoves from Dovre

Dovre 525 Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves


Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves

Dovre 225 Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves


Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves

Dovre Astroline 360CB Wood Burning Stoves

Astroline 360CB

Astroline Wood Stoves

Dovre Astroline 350CB Wood Burning Stoves

Astroline 350CB

Astroline Wood Stoves

Dovre Vintage 30 Wood Stoves

Vintage 30

Vintage Wood Stoves

Dovre Vintage 35 Wood Stoves

Vintage 35

Vintage Wood Stoves

Dovre Vintage 50 Wood Stoves

Vintage 50

Vintage Wood Stoves

Dovre Astroline 1CB Wood Stove

Astroline 1CB

Astroline Wood Stoves

Dovre Astroline 2CB Wood Stoves

Astroline 2CB

Astroline Wood Stoves

Dovre Astroline 3CB Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves

Astroline 3CB

Astroline Wood & Multifuel Stoves

Dovre Astroline 4CB Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves

Astroline 4CB

Astroline Wood & Multifuel Stoves

Traditional Stoves from Dovre

Dovre 1800 Multi-Fuel Fireplace


Multi-Fuel Fireplaces

Dovre 2000 Multi-Fuel Fireplace


Multi-Fuel Fireplaces

Dovre 2300CB Wood Burning Fireplace


Woodburning Fireplaces

Dovre 2400CB Wood Burning Fireplace


Woodburning Fireplaces

Dovre 250 Multi-fuel & Wood Burning Stoves


Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves + Gas version

Dovre 425 Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves


Multifuel & Wood stoves + Gas version

Dovre 500 Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves


Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves

Dovre 640CB Wood Burning Stove


Wood Stove

Dovre 700 Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves


Multi-Fuel & Wood Stoves

Dovre 760CB Wood Burning Stove


Wood Stove

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