Winter Warmer Special

Heta Inspire 45 stove at Orion HeatingThis Winter take advantage of our
Stove and Logs Offer

Orion Heating specialise in great quality European Stoves, giving you years of comfort and enjoyment. We’ve been the local stove shop for 40 years, and want to use that experience to ensure every stove we sell is just right for you.

Order a stove with us and claim your free logs for up to 100 hours of cosy fires

The Winter Warmer Special offer is 10 extra large bags of kiln dried logs with a stove purchased at Orion Heating. It means you can begin using your new stove with a batch of top quality kiln dried logs.  This unique offer is valid for stoves ordered from February 12th until 31st March 2018

How to use this offer;

  1. Print this page or make a note of the Offer, it’s a unique offer for local customers so you don’t want to miss it.
  2. Contact Orion Heating today, drop by the shop in Takeley or call 01279 813591. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a stove to suit your home. More information on our products can be found on our Stoves page here
  3. Make sure to Quote this offer “Winter Warmer Special” at the outset to qualify for 10 bags of Logs with your stove.
  4. On Installation Day we’ll include 10 bags of Kiln Dried logs with your stove, for delivery by the installer.

Enough firewood to enjoy your new stove for up to 100 hours

The sums: Assuming your stove is in a modest size sitting room you’ll burn it at around 4-5kW. An extra large bag of our Kiln Dried logs should last for about 10 hours on a typical 5kW stove. Our ten bags should be enough fuel for up to 100 hours of burning.


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