Tips for Pizza, Bread & Meat cooking and on a woodfired oven

Pizza cooking on a woodfired pizza oven

Burning logs in a woodfired ovenTechnique:
– Very high temperatures of 300+ °C for immediate baking and rising. Our ovens can easily reach 500+ °C, but this can be too hot. Let the fire stabilise, then maintain it with small pieces of wood.
– Flames and glowing embers for added extra flavour, browning and crisping
– Sustained high temperatures and fast recovery for multiple pizzas

Methods for achieving the best Pizzas:
– Build a sizeable and hot wood fire, the oven must be fully “charged” with heat, this is achieved once the dome has burnt clean inside
– Ensure that it reaches optimum combustion temperatures by using plenty of kindling and ONLY well seasoned wood
– Do not use the oven door when cooking Pizza, burning fuel requires lots of fresh air
banner7– Scrape the embers and burning wood to the sides or rear oven the oven, clearing a space in which to cook pizzas
– Maintain a small fire throughout using small pieces of firewood placed on top of the embers
-Slide your pizza directly from the Peel onto the oven base, this where the term ‘Stone Baked’ comes from
-Turn each pizza during cooking for an even crust, most pizzas take 1-3 minutes depending on oven temperature and base thickness

Bread baking in a woodfired oven

– Lower temperatures than Pizza baking; 200-250 °C
– Constant radiant heat from the oven body, without the fierce heat from burning wood
– Longer cooking times than Pizza
– A closed oven chamber for high humidity

Methods for Bread baking:
– Build a sizeable and hot wood fire, the oven must be fully “charged” with heat, this is achieved once the dome has burnt clean inside
– The burning embers are broken down and spread across the oven base
– The embers are removed, and the oven base swept of ash
– The steel Oven door is put in place to close the dome and the temperature monitored
– At the correct bread baking temperature loafs and rolls can be placed in the oven
– Close the dome immediately after adding dough to maintain a humid environment.

Roasting meat and vegertables in a woodfired pizza oven

– Choose between;
High temperatures for modern fast roasts (180-220 °C)
Slow roasts using the oven for many hours at a lower temperature (110-150 °C)
– The temperature must be monitored as it gradually falls to the desired level
– Meat can be browned using the high initial temperatures immediately after firing the oven
– Cook using radiant heat form the oven body over a long period

Methods for Roasting meat on a Woodfired Pizza Oven:
– When the oven is up to temperature and burnt clean, let the fire die out and clean out the ashes and embers
– To brown the meat place it in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes
– For best results, allow meat to slowly roast in the oven or cook vegetables slowly in stock

Grilling fish, steaks and chops in a woodfired garden pizza oven

– Aim for short cooking times using heat directly form the oven base, plus surrounded by burning wood for extra flavour

Methods for achieving good steaks and chops:
– Use the oven as described above for cooking pizzas, but use an oven proof frying pan, iron skillet or raised cast iron grill
– An iron skillet or grill can be left in the oven to reach temperature before use
– Throw on the meat and return pan to the oven, burning wood helps to brown the steak and add smoky flavours
– Maintain a small and controllable fire while cooking the steaks

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