The Scandinavian stove

Fitting a Scandinavian stove in to a British home, with Orion Heating

Our range of Scandinavian Stoves is built on Experience and a Nordic Tradition for woodfired heating.  Established in 1977, our company deals directly with the best Scandinavian stove manufactures.

A Scandinavian Stove from Orion Heating comes from a carefully chosen brand that we know will work well. These true woodburning stoves embrace the qualities required for keeping warm in harsh Winters, looking good all year round, with the added comfort of burning a renewable fuel.

Heta at Scandi Stove Heta A/S, Jupitervej 22, DK-7620, Lemvig, Denmark

1360681979_SL_820B_sidelys_bageovnBased in Lemvig on the west coast of continental Denmark where all of their stoves are designed, developed and manufactured. Heta’s family owned production facilities are state-of-the-art, imparting a level of tuning and refinement that is central to the brand. An evolving Scandinavian stove brand with heat storage stones, rugged cast iron doors and perfect flame pictures. Mindful of UK fireplace styles, Heta’s stoves are an excellent choice for all British homes.

Nordpeis at Scandi StoveNordpeis AS,Gjellebekkstubben 9, 3420 Lierskogen, Norway

image002Nordpeis was established in 1984 by Morten Henriksen. Henriksen was a specialist at laying traditional Norwegian fireplaces and he wanted to offer his fireplace design to a larger number of the Norwegian people. Specialists in advanced convection fireplaces, updated versions of the traditional porcelain or stone Scandinavian stove in the centre of the home.

Westfire at Scandi Stove Westfire, Tømrervej 3, 6800 Varde, Denmark

uniq33_var1_storSpecialists at transforming the basic principles of efficient wood burning and convected hot air into an elegant appliance. The Westfire approach is to remove distractions and details in preference for dramatic large windows and dancing flames.

Why Choose a Scandinavian Woodburner?

Our main dealer status offers customers the confidence that at Orion Heating;
– You have immediate access to the stove designers, plus the most up to date technical information.
– Custom alterations and design specifications can be discussed and achieved through our close working relationship with manufactures.
– Smart Scandinavian installation styles can be achieved within British Building Regulations.
– Architects fireplace designs can be interpreted using working flue systems and heat distribution methods.
– Your Warranty support is fully manufacturer backed, fast and efficient.
– Your chosen stove model is current and meets all the required European regulations


Spare Parts for Scandinavian Stoves

Door glass, firebricks, door rope, glass seal, servicing parts, spray paint and other spares available for;

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