Redwell Infrared Heaters

Heating the home using
Redwell Infrared products

Infrared is the most natural form of heating, it’s;

  • the warmth felt on your skin as you face the sun or move out of shadow
  • the cosy warmth of a woodstove felt on your face from across the room

Redwell recreate this at near 100% efficincy from a decorative IR Panel heater

ppt_1How does Redwell infrared heating work?
Infrared heaters convert electricity into a comfortable and even heat source using an high efficiency embedded element.

Infrared Panel Heaters are more effective than Heat-Storage, Blown Air or Oil filled heaters.
All of which all use convected air which is inferior because hot air rises to the ceiling where it is of no use. Infrared offers directional heating where you need it, it heats objects in the room rather than air.

How well established is Infrared Heating?

We are all familiar with the old fashioned ‘One-Bar heater’ glowing behind a chrome grill, and radiant down heaters in Pub Gardens and DIY stores. These are Infrared heating in it’s most basic form, they run very hot and waste energy as visible light. Redwell lead the market in domestic low temperature IR emitters.

How are Redwell heaters different?
Operating in the Far-Infrared spectrum, all of the electrical energy is converted to heat and none lost as light. The panels operate at a low surface temperature, so can be positioned throughout the home at any height. Infrared heating makes the whole room feel extra cosy because it does not move air so does not circulate draughts and dust.

A few of Redwell’s Bestsellers

Blackboard heating panel
Power: 350, 630, 890, 1400
Heating element: Partial storage heater
Power: 2400
Heating element: Ceramic heating elements
Glass heating panels
Power:420, 350, 630, 890, 830
Heating element:Partial storage heater
Mirror heating panel
Power:420, 350, 630, 890, 830
Heating element:Partial storage heater
Power:430, 430
Heating element:Partial storage heater
Picture heating panel
Power:350, 630, 890, 1400
Heating element:Partial storage heater
Redwell Nr. 3
Power: 250
Heating element:Partial storage heater
Power:630, 420, 830, 1100, 1400, 910, 890, 250, 350
Heating element:Partial storage heater

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