Outdoor Woodfired Pizza Oven Kits by IMS

Orion Heating have an exciting new addition to the Pizza Oven range. A neat outdoor woodfired oven kit with every component and material required for a smart dome construction.

Designed by IMS, the leading UK Experts in High Temperature Insulation. Using their decades of experience in manufacturing high temperature solutions and using only the highest quality materials, the IMS outdoor oven will make you the envy of friends and family alike.

Regardless of the weather, your IMS outdoor oven lets you entertain and impress guests as you cook up a storm all year round. Built from quality stainless steel, cured firebricks and insulating render to stay attractive and ready to use all year long.

With a range of accessories on offer and a choice of three sizes there is an IMS outdoor oven for every outdoor space – from domestic through to commercial use. Simply choose your size, choose your colour and choose whether you want to install it yourself or utilise our professional service. This oven incorporates clever design and top spec materials, ensuring your time and money are well spent and the finished product looks superb.

Why choose the IMS Outdoor Oven?

  • This attractive oven is available in 3 sizes to suit a broad range of outdoor spaces and catering requirements.
  • Customised to suit your taste, the IMS outdoor oven is available in a choice of 6 standard colours to coordinate with your exterior landscapes.
  • Use of the highest quality materials, including Pyrogel insulation, ensures consistent high temperatures with exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • With careful design considerations and selection of materials the modular construction allows for simple installation that is easy to do at home. Every stage is simple and very well explained in the instructions, downloadable here: IMS Outdoor Oven Instruction Manual.
  • Exceptional features:
    • Three stage external render; 1 Basic render coat, 2 Colour Primer, 3 Colour Sand. This creates an insulating and waterproof surface for your oven that improved performance further and keeps it looking great all year round.
    • Modular internal dome and base constructed from prefired castable refractory material. Not only does it go together easily in manageable sections, once built you are ready to cook following the first heat up pattern.
    • Commercial spec Pyrogel Insulation blakets for retaining heat within the oven. Preformed, shaped and cut ready to place around and under the oven. An exclusive insulting material from IMS.
    • Stainless Steel door, flue pipe and edging detail will ensure that your oven stays looking great year after year.
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