Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the very best Outdoor cooking and Entertaining we recommend the ESSE Firestone Woodfired Oven,
or Forno Volta Italian dome ovens.
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Morso Forno
Outdoor woodfired oven


Part of the Outdoor Morsø Living range at Orion Heating

Mmmm, summer evenings, open fires and a real Italian atmosphere. Yes, the outdoor kitchen can and should offer more than traditional barbecued food.

Phone or visit Orion Heating now to view this stylish range comprising oven, grills, fires and accessories. Tel: 01279 813591

A Morso Forno Outdoor Oven spreads warmth on the patio and enables you to prepare crisp, crunchy pizzas and perfect bread in just a few minutes.

Morso Forno outdoor oven at Orion Heating, EssexMorso Forno Oven at Orion Heating994x994_stortpopup_familie

Internally, the oven is shaped like an Italian stone oven. The wide, low ceilinged firebox produces optimal radiant heat and plenty of space for firewood to be pushes aside when it’s time to cook.


Morso-Forno-oven-9  Morso-Forno-oven-11 Morso Forno Garden Package, at Orion Heating

The Morso Forno oven is made of solid enamelled cast iron to last for decades if used and cared for correctly. If you use the raised Tuscan Grill in the oven, you can also produce steaks and vegetables with sharp, well-defined grilling lines.

Morso Forno Oven Specifications
Weight 96 kg
Dimensions 70 x 60 cm
Colour Black
Material Enamelled cast iron
Outdoor-Table-1-280x334Excellent range of accessories, such as;

  • Steel outdoor table for oven and food preparation, available in two sizes
  • Pizza Peel, oven rake and tools
  • Tuscan grill for use over hot coals
  • Cast iron pots and dishes for use in the oven
  • Oven door for hot smoking over wood shavings or slow roasts
  • Wind and rain cover
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