RELAX Workshop Stoves, Log Cabin stoves or Garden Office stoves

Do you have a cabin, outside office or workshop that requires heating?

Wood fired heating is the perfect solution;

  • Immediate heat when required
  • Low set up and installation costs
  • Cheaper than electricity or LPG
  • Flexible year round warmth


RELAX Workshop Stoves at Orion Heating

A quality Steel and Cast Iron stove built in Spain. No windows or pretty features, just a neat little stove that works well at a great price.

  • Incorporating a steel mesh shield around the barrel body to make it safe to work near.
  • Small flue sizes for simple installations
  • Easy to use and control. Two Air flowAir Systems providing;
    1 – Deep Firebox Air supply for efficient offcut and sawdust fires
    2 – Top Cleanburn Air supply for combustion of smoke.
    3 – Ash can and access door for easy cleaning.

CE tested but only for use in Workshops and Outbuildings, it’s a perfect stove for heating big areas and using waste wood or sawdust.


Model R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
Output 4kW 6kW 8kW 12kW 15kW 20kW 25kW
Space heated in cubic metres Insulated 60 90 120 200 280 370 460
Uninsulated 40 60 80 120 150 200 250
Flue size, mm 90 100 110 110 150 150 150
Price including VAT & Delivery £219 £264 £317 £389 £588 £788 £979

We advise contacting us with your flue system requirements. Depending on the construction of your building we can design a flue using single wall or insulated pipe and quote for the parts.

Example flue systems:

  1. Most basic method – RELAX R3 or R4 in a Brick workshop with a pitched Metal roof – no combustible materials in the sturcture
    3 x 1000mm galvanised RELAX flue pipe & Rain Cowl.
    Boot flashing & Fixing kit .
    = £125 inc. VAT
  2. In a combustible structure – RELAX R3 or R4 in a fully wooden garden office or cabin with shielding between stove and structure.
    Adaptor to 5″ flue, 1 x 1000mm single wall enamelled pipe.
    2 x 1000mm fully insulated pipe, rafter support bracket & rain cowl.
    Boot flashing & Fixing kit.
    = £480 inc. VAT

A minimum of 3m vertical flue is recommended for the RELAX Workshop stoves, however this needs to be tuned to the building to avoid downdraught or poor performance. Please take a few measurements of the building if you need our assistance.


Many customers fit their own flue systems in outbuildings where residential building regulations do not apply, otherwise we can recommend HETAS approved engineers to carry out the work.

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