Oak Beams & Shelves by Focus Fireplace

http://www.oakstovebeams.co.uk/img/focusFireplaces.pngAvailable from Orion Heating

Whether your room décor demands a beam in a smooth contemporary light oak or one that has the mellow character of an old beam – the choice is extensive.

First choose a beam profile from this list of 10 or select one of the popular options below.
Next follow the steps to see finish and colour options for each beam. All options are on display at Orion Heating in Takeley.


Deep Beams - Click Here
Large Fascia Beams - Click Here
Large Fascia Beam CLICK HERE
Standard Fascia Beams - Click Here
Standard Fascia Beam CLICK HERE
Mini Fascia Beams - Click Here
Mini Fascia Beam CLICK HERE
Hollow Beams Click HereHollow Beam CLICK HERE Fascia Panels - Click Here
Fascia Panel CLICK HERE

Colours and finishes

All Focus Fireplace beams are made from solid oak. This can be left smooth and new or dressed to create an artificially aged surface with deep grains.

The protective wax finish is then applied either uncoloured ‘Natural Waxed’ or in a number of stains versions.


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