Oak Beams & Shelves by Focus Fireplace

Oak Beams available from Orion Heating

Whether your room décor demands an oak beam in a smooth contemporary light wax or one that has the rich character of an old aged beam – the choice is extensive.

Click on the type of product you require below, and follow the steps to choosing the perfect oak beam for your home.

First choose a beam profile from this list or select one of the popular options below. Next follow the steps to see finish and colour options for each beam. All options are on display at Orion Heating in Takeley.

Come and have a look a look at our beautiful designs…


Oak Beams for stoves - click hereChoose the shape, size and length to suit your fireplace. Colour and finish can be specified from lots of options.


oak shelves for surrounds - click here

Classic and modern shelf designs to suit your room. Large range of colours and styles.


oak beam or surround for stoves - click here

Beautiful solid oak surrounds that create a cosy and traditional feature. Sizes and designs to suit any room.

Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds

Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds

Choose a standard beam of beam surround. Based on many years of experience and expertise, Focus have taken real Oak beams and cast every detail in a non-combustible material.

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