Installing a stove onto a 12mm Hearth

The temperature beneath a stove dictates the thickness of hearth required.

Stoves that have been tested and approved not to exceed 100° centigrade underneath can stand on a 12mm thick superimposed hearth. If your home does not currently have a constructional hearth, stoves meeting this approval can greatly expand your options when thinking about location and installation.

Also, you may save money on your installation by getting around the requirement for a constructional hearth

Brands meeting the 100°C hearth approval

Visit the pages above for more details on the 100°C approved stove models

Some 12mm superimposed hearth options for stoves meeting this approval;

  • Single piece of 12mm hardened glass. Available in various shapes to match modern stoves or homes
  • 12mm steel sheet. Ready cut and finished in different shapes and colours to match your woodburner
  • 12mm thick tiles, see in shop for our exclusive range of Stovax hearth tiles
  • Other non-combustible materials of 12mm or more thickness

A glass hearth can be used if a stove does not exceed 100°C underneath. We can advise on which stoves are suitable for this kind of installation.

Constructional Hearth

Appliances that do not meet the 100° centigrade rating must me positioned on a constructional hearth. This can be either 125mm thick non-combustible material with an air gap underneath, or 250mm thick with no air gap.

Solid concrete floors may automatically meet these regulations, discuss your hearth options with one of our Trusted Network recommended HETAS installers.

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