Barbas – Inset and Built-in woodfires

Barbas stands for durable, ecological and reliable products. Established in 1976, now the top brand for wood-burning fireplaces.

Barbas develop and introduce features long before any of the competitors. As a result they represent the cutting edge in dedicated wood burning appliances. Their clean stylish Dutch design immediately stands out from other brands.

showcase_logoUnilux-6Showcase models – The Unilux 6-70 Barbas have cleverly designed a beautiful feature woodburner with useful heat output that is suitable for most UK fireplaces at only 35cm deep it. In the past these beautiful big inset fires by Barbas were too deep for UK fireplaces, but now they the number one choice.

Inset & built-in stoves from Barbas

The Unilux 6 range

showcase_logoReleased in 2015 as a thorough update to the Unilux 3 single window insets. New features include;
– 8 sizes of fire prefect for UK fireplaces, all 35cm deep!
– All models DEFRA approved for use throughout the UK, even in Smokeless Zones
– Wood and Multifuel options on each model
– Deep concrete ceramic firebox for optimum woodburning conditions and full flame picture
– Four styles of frame to suit your home. From a classic 4 sided frame to modern frameless options

Unilux 6 -40 Unilux 6 – 65 Unilux 6 – 75

The Cuatro-3 range

showcase_logo Featuring a highly developed combustion system with which the combustion air is balanced and preheated. The primary aeration, secondary aeration, and the clean window aeration are simple to regulate with the single control handle. Click here to see the full range

The Cuatro-3 range of fires are all DEFRA APPROVED for use in Smokeless Zones. Probably the largest DEFRA approved inset fires currently available in the UK.

Cuatro-3 57
Cuatro-3 57
Cuatro-3 75Cuatro-3 75 Cuatro-3 90Cuatro-3 90
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