Inset stoves

Inset stoves offer a modern solution to old problem fireplaces

Heta Inset Stoves at Orion HeatingExellent modern fires – Sitting flush in the wall with the firebox recessed into a fireplace, Inset Stoves use all of the firechamber that’s available.

You deserve a better fireplace – It’s time for a change! Don’t be scared of changing a 1970s or 1980s fireplace, even if the cladding dominates half the room. Often the stone or tile decoration is only stuck on and the overbearing decoration hides a nice wall behind it.

Don't be put off by 1970s stone clad nighmares

Tear it down! Don’t be put off by your 1970s stone clad nightmare fireplace.

 Many customers choose this style of fire because it is more contemporary than a free standing stove, features a large window and a great view of the fire. These are also refereed to as Cassette Fires because fitting can be straight forward in a standard fireplace.

Built-in Insets

For the ultimate Inset you could consider one of the models with an extra large window. Some feature a rising glass door that disappears on a Guillotine mechanism, creating frame-less installations. Extra body work for the door must be hidden behind the wall, meaning the stove unit is large and usually requires the fireplace be built around it, hence the name.

Barbas Inset and Builtin Woodburning Stoves

A high quality Dutch manufacturer whose stoves are designed to last a lifetime. Click here for our Barbas page.
Barbas Inset Woodburners;
Unilux 6 – Inset stoves to fit into existing UK fireplaces
Energa – Featuring combustion filters to reduce emissions
Cuatro 3 – Large impressive fires with simple controls

Heta Inset Stoves

Heta Inspire 40 Inset

Heta Inspire 40 Inset

Inset Models for standard UK fireplaces and bigger custom fireplaces. The excellent Inspire range now features the 40Inset, a perfect fit into UK 16″ fireplaces. Click here for our Heta page.
Heta Inset Stoves:
Inspire – The very popular Inspire firebox now available as an inset
Prestige – Big windows, great control and with two and three sided options
Panorama – Very smart inset fires with excellent flame pictures

Stovax Riva Inset Stoves

Offering a wide range of Wood only and Multifuel Inset Stoves, Stovax have something for everyone. Click here for our Riva page.
Stovax Inset Stoves;
Riva Cassette Range – A popular collection of Multifuel stoves including Riva 40, Riva 66.
Riva Studio – Wide aspect Woodburning Inset Stoves with big windows. See the Showcase models here.

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