Bellfires Gas Fires

Keep your fire on demand

104_13935866810-179x122 Horizon Bell Large Tunnel 3 HD+ 7 cm-179x122Bellfires are designed for ease of use and comfort.  The fireplaces are developed by and tailor made in Holland since 1928. Every fire is made to order and delivered direct to Orion Heating.

91_13601644630-179x122The focus of our gas fires is safety & design. Safety is integrally guaranteed in the development process which has led to various patents. The many finishing touches result in the characteristic Bellfires design; classy and tailor-made to match your own style.

Our fireplaces offer open fire place comfort with the ease of use of a gas-heater:  You control the fire with your remote. We offer heaters in all shapes and sizes.
Bellfires slogan : Keep your fire on demand…

Gas fire ranges from Bellfires

Corner Bell 3: Fire around the corner

The new Bellfires Corner Bell 3 gas fires doubles your enjoyment. This is because you can see them from two sides, left or right. A fire that is more than worth the investment. Corner Bell is available in three sizes: Large, Medium and Small – in both right and left corner versions.

Corner Bell Large gashaard Bellfires     Corner Bell Medium gashaard Bellfires     Corner Bell Small gashaard BellfiresCorner Bell Large 3                     Corner Bell Medium 3                Corner Bell Small 3

View Bell 3: Fire in triplicate

A perfect view of the fire from every angle. That is what new Bellfires View Bell 3 range offers. Stylish three-sided gas fires in different sizes – Large, Medium, Small, Vertical and Derby. So there is an appropriate gas fire for every living room.

View Bell Large 3     View Bell Medium 3     View Bell Small 3 gashaard BellfiresView Bell Large 3                        View Bell Medium 3                     View Bell Small 3

Unica-2: Modern inset gas fire

These inset gas fires were specially developed for fast and simple modernisation of existing fireplaces. The integrated ambient lighting for an extra glow effect is an innovation.

Unica-2 40    Unica-2 75  Unica-2 90

Horizon Bell 3: Classy horizontal gas fires

Wide, horizontal gas fires. The combination of a high quality design and high quality technique bring out the best. The Horizon Bell 3 line falls under ‘the new generation gas fires‘ where the focus is on design and safety. The result of many years of knowledge, research and experience

Horizon Bell Large, Bellfires Horizon Bell Tunnel 3
Horizon Bell Large 3
              Horizon Bell Large Tunnel 3

Dual Burner technology for reducing the output but maintaining tall attractive flames.

Available on all generation 3 ranges.
‘Line fire’ offers control over one or two full width lines of flame. ‘Centre fire’ reduces the output by switching off side burners only. Both look great, so it’s down to personal preference.
VIDEO of ‘Centre Fire’ dual burners. First 6 seconds with both burners in operation, after that the fire goes from wide to small (‘Centre fire’ only)


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