High Quality Gas Fires

Gas Fires for creating stunning room features, convenient heating and elegant flames

Reasons for choosing a gas fire;

  • The wall space would look fantastic with a big attractive fire
  • An existing fireplace is ready and waiting for an efficient modern gas fire to slot straight in
  • There is no chimney and nowhere to install one, but balanced flue through the wall would be ideal
  • You want to enjoy the immediate response of a gas fire, remote controlled instant heat and flames
  • A fire with large dramatic dancing gas flames would compliment your modern home

From traditional British 16″ Wide inset fires to wide aspect fires two metres wide, we can offer top quality appliances to suit your home. Gas fires can be easy to install and and offer the kind of cozy and attractive heating that most rooms need.

logo_bellfiresBellfires gas fires

Made in Holland since 1928
Cutting edge designs and features
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gazcoGazco gas fires

Made in Exeter since 1988
Optimised for UK fireplaces and tastes
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