Logrite Junior Arch Accessories

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The Logrite Junior Arch is an indispensable tool around the woodlands. Logrite have added a new range of accessories to create the Ultimate Lifting and Moving Tool

No longer limited to moving logs the Junior can now;

  • Pull posts out of the ground
  • Shift beams and tubes of any shape
  • Uproot small trees and shrubs
  • Become a heavy duty dolly to move caravans or trailers

desktoplogoAccessories for Logrite Junior Arches. See our main Logrite page for all other products

Junior Sling

DSC04215 DSC04216_2 DSC04207_2

Hook Junior’s tongs back onto the frame and hang the sling to move beams, pipes, steel tube and all kinds of long heavy objects. The Junior Sling has 7 adjustment points that allow you to pick up square or round objects from 4″ to 12″ wide. Logrite uses a Junior and Sling to move 24′ steel tubing around the shop.

Junior – Sling
£56.45 ex VAT


Junior Trailer Dolly Adapter

DSC04187 DSC04220_2DSC04212_2Converts Junior into a trailer dolly! Move anything with a 2″ ball coupler. Great for positioning: sawmills, trailers, splitters, caravans and so much more. Comes with a 2″, adapter fits over the end of Junior and pins in place. It has 3 height adjustments to allow Junior to reach any ball coupler.

Junior – Trailer Dolly Adaptor
£68.62 ex VAT


Junior Chain Adapter

DSC04190 DSC04226 DSC04239This handy adapter fits over the end of Junior and pins into place. It allows you to use a choker chain to sinch and lift beams, pipes, small branches or any other thing you can’t or don’t want to use Junior’s tongs in. Can also be used to pull out fence posts, small stumps, storm sewer grates and other things you can lift with a chain. Works with any 1/4″ or 5/16″ chain. Chain sold separately.

Junior – Chain adaptor
£34.20 ex VAT

Choker Chain £25.00 ex VAT

Junior Extension Handle

jr-ext-handleThe Junior is stable and sturdy, able to move 1000lb logs up to 16 feet long. You may find the very largest logs swing close to your hands and make turning corners tricky. The Extension handle overcomes these issues.
Junior – Extension Handle
£67.07 ex VAT

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