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desktoplogoLogrite Logging Arches in the UK
Exclusively by Orion Heating

Move Any Log, Anywhere, With Minimal Power, Disturbance and Effort.
For more information please contact us on 01279 813591 or email david.morgan@orionheating.co.uk

Now imported into the UK straight from Vernon, Conneticut in the USA by Orion Heating. The NEW & REDUCED UK PRICELIST IS NOW LIVE!

Most popular models held in stock

– Move timber in sensitive or inaccessible areas. Logrite Arches can weave through trees like no other vehicle.
url– Achieve minimal ground disturbance and forward clean logs for processing
– Ensure log moving and lifting are both safe and controllable. Each Logrite Arch carries a CE mark.
– Enable one person to operate independently, processing timber all day,  without calling in the heavy machinery

➲ Manual Handling Arches for Timber Forwarding by hand with minimum effort

Junior Arch


The Must-Have tool for woodland owners. Move logs through woodland easily and safely.

Use to take down Hung up trees under complete control. Breaks down into Arch and Main beam for easy transportation. No more back ache and bending, just roll the Junior over a log and pick it up. Amazing capaicity and strength for a small arch.

Moves logs up to:
16″ diameter and 16 feet long,
1000 lbs in weight

Turn the Logrite Junior in to tool to move anything!
See the Junior Accessories Page

Buck Arch

buck-smFor serious size tree trunks.
Convertible from Hand-pulled to Vehicle Towed
Moves logs up to:
22″ diameter and 16 feet long,
1800 lbs in weight

Standard Manual Handling Setup
chain_adapterwith handle and log biting tongs
Towing Package for ATV Attachment
with 2″ ball hitch and log lifting winch

Chain Adaptor for Buck & Fetching Arches
Welded Log Choker chain and Chain Hook for grabbing timber/pipes/steels

Specialist / Professional Arches that perform multiple timber moving tasks

BTS Hauler 2-in-1

bts4 bts2 btsThe BTS  Hauler is a 2-in-1 hand truck and brush cart unit which features 1500 lb load limit and 46 cubic feet of space.

Great for moving Barrow Bags full of firewood in and out of vans, across gardens or down paths. The BTS Hauler has a massive footplate for carrying big logs or bags, plus in it’s Brush Cart mode can be stacked high with waste in the log processing yard.

No tools are needed to convert the hand truck into the brush cart.  Just pull the 4 hitch pins to convert or to break it down to fit into your truck tool box or trunk.

Moves material up to:
1500 lbs in weight
46 cubic feet
Optional wide tyre for soft ground

ULTRA Arch 3-in-1

ultra1-smUltimate Log and Tree Removal Apparatus”
The Ultimate tool for Professional Arborists and Tree Surgeons. Transforms in minutes between the three modes shown.
A Logging Arch, a Hand Truck, Log shifter and Brush Trolley.
Moves logs up to:
18″ diameter or 36″ as a hand truck
16 feet long logs as an Arch, or 10 feet of brush
1800 lbs in weight

Towed or Line-pull Arches Timber Forwarding using a winch, 4×4, Quad bike or Horse

ATV Logging Arch

atv-smAttach to the tow ball on a Quad, 4×4 or Horse drawn trailer. Then forward Logs safely and under control. That long path from felling site to wood yard is now an easy 5 minute drive.

The cable winch is used to draw a log (or logs) up into the arch, secure and stable for transportation.
Same arch construction as the Fetching model, but optimised for easily lifting and moving logs with a vehicle.

Moves logs up to:
25″ diameter and 10 feet long,
 2000 lbs in weight

Fetching Arch

fetching1-smDesigned for winching and line pulls. Drag large logs up and down slopes, along tracks and through foliage. A heavyweight arch for moving big logs over rough terrain.
Can be adapted for Towing and Manual Handling.
Moves logs up to:
25″ diameter and 16 feet long,
2000 lbs in weight

Towing Package for ATV Attachment
with 2″ ball hitch and log lifting winch

Two Man Handle
for moving very big logs by hand

T30 & T36 Woodland Forwarder

Tractor Arches for Forwarding 30/36″ diameter logs out of the woodland.
A serious piece of equipment for taking large logs out of rough terrain using your existing tractor or ATV vehicle. High capacity without the inherent complications of hydraulic arms and dedicated forwarders.

LogoNationalTrustOrion Heating supply Logrite and Portable Winch Tools to: National Trust (Registered Supplier), Eden Project, Conservation Projects, Woodland Co-operatives, Groundsmen, Gamekeepers….

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