Logrite Hookaroon, Canthook & Universal Log Stand

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Logrite Hookaroon, Canthooks, Peaveys and the Universal Log Stand

hookaroon Hookaroon

Moving logs and cutting firewood? Avoid bending down to pick up those heavy objects. The Hookaroon incorporates the Indestructible LOGRITE aluminium handle and a hardened steel spike for grabbing timber.

hookaroon2Hookaroons are great tools for reaching into or across machines to clear a jam or move cants and logs. These tools extend your reach or keep your hands out of harms way. They can also be used for moving slabs or firewood quickly. Swing a small log up onto the saw bench or drag a larger log around the yard.

This video is a great review of Logrite’s Hookaroon by markthomasbuilder on Youtube. (It’s Logrite product badged as Stihl in the US).


There is no point in moving heavy logs from one place to another if once there you can’t shift them around. Canthooks provide the leverage and grip required to get a large log rolling and shifting in the right direction.
Two biting edges to get a good grip on the log. The swinging jaw can grip a wide range of log diameters.  Peaveys features a spike rather than the 90 degree turned point, so only have one biting edge for rolling logs.

logstand3 logstand-installedUniversal Log Stand – Log Lifter

The Universal Log Stand lifts a log up off the ground to make cutting an easy job. The strong steel Log Stand bolts onto any Logrite Canthook to add this useful lifting function.
The canthook still performs it’s intended job of gripping and rolling logs uninhibited. Once in the jaws a log is rolled over until the Log Stand touches the ground as shown right, it then sits securely on the tool. This simple add-on will save countless hours spent resharpening chainsaw blades that have touched the ground.


Logrite aluminum handled canthooks are stronger and easier to use than traditional wood handled canthooks. The bright blue handle is easy to see around a sawmill or woodlot. The heat treated, zinc plated hook is built to last. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold. Altogether making for an easy to use and reliable tool.

Now imported into the UK straight from Vernon, Conneticut in the USA by Orion Heating. The NEW & REDUCED UK PRICELIST IS NOW LIVE!

Most popular models held in stock

Logrite began when a traditional wooden Canthook broke and they decided to re-manufacture it with an oversized Aluminium handle.The result was a strong practical tool that lasted for twice as long as any rival.

Now imported into the UK straight from Vernon, Conneticut in the USA by Orion Heating

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