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Hultafors axes are forged by hand. They have been crafted in the traditional way since 1697. At Hults Bruk in Östergötland, there are smiths who carry out work that not many others are able to do. Only a few producers in the world employ smiths who can produce this sort of craftsmanship.

Best material
Axe heads are forged from Swedish axe steel. A traditional tool steel of consistently high quality, all the best Swedish Axes use Iron ore from a single mountain. The steel is stuck many times until the axe attains its final form. Add to that a Hickory shaft for comfort and grip in the hand, resilience during use and durability outdoors. Used correctly and sharpened regularly, our axes can last for generations.

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Bladed tools can only be sold to people over 18 years of age.




Classic Hunter’s Axe. The Ultimate Outdoors Axe. Used for every conceivable job whilst outdoors or on an expedition.


Classic Carpenters. A specialist tool with straight blade for clean accurate cuts.

Classic Trekking Mini Take anywhere, compact and useful. Split down kindling or trim poles for the shelter

Classic Trekking Mini. Take anywhere, compact and useful. Split down kindling or trim poles for the shelter


Top of the range hand hammered, shaped and finished tools. For a quality level unsurpassed by even the best know Swedish brands.20150429_152634

In fact, Hultafors is _the_ number one tool brand in Scandinavia. Each Classic Axe carries the signs of a hand hammered surface texture and refined edge. Finally each craftsman applies the Hults Bruk stamp. A box and thick leather edge protector are supplied with each.

Head Weight Handle length Price inc. VAT
Hunter’s Axe 850g 500 mm £59.99
Carpenters Axe 850g 500 mm £59.99
Trekking Axe 500g 375 mm £59.99
 Trekking Mini 500g 235 mm £59.99




hatchet_artnr_840025HATCHET – Ideal for clearing branches, garden work and processing firewood
A small versatile axe for use in the garden or forests. Made from blasted and clear-­lacquered ironwork. The shaft is curved and made from hickory. An edge protector is included.

Head Weight Handle length Handle Price inc. VAT
800 g 440 mm 17.5″ Hickory £34.86



splitting-axe-kly-ra_artnr_840592 splitting-axe-sly_artnr_840601splitting-axe-kly-sv_artnr_840581SPLITTING AXE KLY RA – The only way to split down logs safely and with minimum effort.  A proper Scandinavian splitting axe with long driving blade. Heavier axe head ideally suited for splitting heavy wood. The shaft is straight and made from hickory.


Head Weight Handle length Handle Price inc. VAT
 Standard 1500 g 750 mm 30″ Hickory £64.56
With Maul 2500 g 800 mm 32″ Hickory £74.56
Short 1500 g 500 mm 20″ Hickory £37.82



felling-axe-hy-10_artnr_840108FELLING AXE HY 10 range – The ideal quality axe for felling trees
Wide range of head sizes, all squared off in shape and ideal for heavy work. This is an axe for two handed use. Suitable for medium-scale felling, made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The shaft is curved and made from hickory. Particularly suitable for chopping.

Head Weight Handle length Handle Price inc. VAT
1000 g 700 mm 28″ Hickory £41.34
1200 g 700 mm 28″ Hickory £43.91
1500 g 800 mm 32″ Hickory £46.49
1750 g 800 mm 32″ Hickory £49.42




Classic Throwing Axe
A double-bladed axe that is hand-forged. This is an impressive piece of craftsmanship which comes supplied with a hand stitched thick leather edge protector.
Axe throwing techniques and rules:
German website describing throwing methods
European Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing Rules

Head Weight Handle length Handle Price inc. VAT
1500 g 760 mm Hickory £182.98 £165
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