Pizza Oven Design and Installation service

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Expert Garden and Indoor Installations

Orion Heating work closely with the regional Pizza Oven construction experts. Ensuring that your Pizza Oven design ideas are transformed into a stunning garden feature.

Untitled-1Plus we can recommend experienced HETAS accredited installers for indoor installations to meet building regulation. Please contact us for further details.

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Working from a desigfn conceptĀ or detailed architects drawings, Orion Heating help tailor your oven to achieve the look and cooking performance that suits you.

Garden Designers and Landscape Designers

photo 3A Pizza oven occupies pride of place in a permanent location. The great news is that they can be incorporated as an ornate garden feature, or integrated within a garden kitchen. Whatever your clients choice, we want to help plan the best solution from the outset. Our Pizza Oven Design service calls on the successful installation and specification of many ovens in to gardens, restaurants and even Ski lodges.

We welcome esquires from Garden Designers and Landscape designers with specific requirements from Clients and potential customers. Orion Heating and our recommended oven builders are happy to work alongside your own teams or contractors. Please get in contact with us.JBooty Poolside Pizza Oven install

The rules on Freestanding Pizza ovens in London and other Smokeless zones

A Freestanding Garden Pizza Oven that does not connect into another buildings flue is Exempt from the rules governing fireplaces. It is OK to install them in a Smokeless zone, they do not need to be DEFRA approved if freestanding in the garden. (follow this link to the Government advice page)

Installation at home

Many customers install their own ovens, either as a summer DIY project or using their preferred local builder. Orion Heating also work alongside excellent local Bricklayers and Garden Landscapers if you wish to explore a bespoke oven design.

Depending on whether you want to incorporate an oven into an outdoor patio area or indoor kitchen we can tailor the design and supply all the parts required.

The Installation and User Instructions (DOWNLOADABLE HERE FORNO VOLTA INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS) describe all the requirements for a safe install, plus we can outline the important points to consider.

Please feel free to visit our shop with photos and plans or phone for more information. Volta ovens can be installed indoors or out for cooking all year round. Designed and made in Italy at the cutting edge MCZ Factory, ‘Sunday Grill’ offers Pizza and Bread ovens of outstanding quality.

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