Insulation Kits for Forno Volta Pizza Ovens

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InsulationInsulation for Pizza Ovens –
The important bits

Insulation between oven base and support structure

Skamolex Blue Calcium Silicate board – 25 mm Base insulation
The ultimate thermal insulation between oven base and support structure, this board is all that’s required between the hot oven base and the concrete support to prevent heat loss downwards.
Thermal conductivity 0.1W/mK at 400ºC* (Very good)
FOR VERY BEST THERMAL PERFORMANCE – you could double up to 50mm base insulation

Insulation wrapped around dome

SUPERWOOL+ Non-Ceramic Fibre Matting dome insulation
To contain heat within the dome the best possible material is high density fibre matting. Our brand of matting is chosen for it’s “Industry Best” thermal performance and non-ceramic non-hazardous composition.
Thermal conductivity 0.09W/mK at 400ºC* (Used as a double wrap, so Very Very good)

To fill any cavities in oven structure

Vermiculite Granules
Additional loose fill expanded vermiculite chips for pouring around the insulated dome. Ensures that any last chance of convected heat loss is prevented within the oven housing.

Insulated flue pipe or Single wall pipe

Ring to discuss requirements. The Volta 80 works best with a 200mm flue to keep smoke moving quickly and preventing a soot blackened oven front. Volta 100 & 120 require 300mm flue.

* Always compare Thermal insulation figures at the operating temperature of an appliance. Pizza ovens run hot, don’t mistakenly compare room temperature figures.

Oven Model Volta80 Volta100 Volta120
Skamolex Blue
Calcium silicate
Base insulation
2 boards 3 boards 4 boards
Cost £111.20 inc. VAT £166.80 inc. VAT £222.40 inc. VAT
Non-Ceramic Fibre matting
Dome insulation
96kg/m^3 density
610x7320x25mm roll
1 roll 1 roll 1.5 rolls
 Cost £96.74 inc. VAT £96.74 inc. VAT £145.11 inc. VAT
Vermiculite granules
Dome chamber backfill
100 litre bag
1 bag 1 bag 1 to 2 bags
 Cost £29.09 inc. VAT £29.09 inc. VAT
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