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Sunday Grill Pizza Oven from MCZ, Italy‘Sunday Grill’ Woodfired Pizza Oven

Bread oven, Pizza oven & Roasting Oven. Orion Heating are a specialist Nationwide supplier of domes & oven kits, plus we offer an exceptional local full build service.

Why you should choose a Forno Volta Pizza Oven from Orion Heating;

  • True Italian  woodfired dome ovens, manufactured in Vigonova di Fontanafredda near Venice.
  • Three sizes of oven to suit home kitchens to restaurants.
  • Ovens and insulation kits delivered Nationwide
  • Quality pre-dried and reinforced firebrick material, ready to use!
  • One of the few ovens that does not require lengthy drying or curing.Volta100 Pizza Oven at Orion Heating
  • One hour heat up time, ready for authentic stone baked Pizza and Bread, traditional roasts and grills. Practically any cooking method that uses direct or conducted heat.
  • Correctly specified flues for clean and reliable use. We design flue systems that prevent smoke escapting from the door.

Phone 01279 813591 or email
to begin planning you woodfired oven


We assist customers at every stage of the installation process

Forno Volta Pizza Oven dome kits1 . Choose the correct size of Forno Volta Pizza Oven dome
Compare the three sizes of Oven and discuss your requiremetns with us on 01279 813591. Sizes to suit family meals, garden parties and pub/restaurants. Available for delivery Nationwide.
Pizza Oven Design and Installation service2. Plan your Pizza Oven Design and Installation
To create an elegant garden feature we have expert craftsmen and installers covering East Anglia.
Plus all customers have access to advice, design ideas and support throughout the build process.
Insulation Kits for Forno Volta Pizza Ovens3. We specify the best Insulation Kits for outstanding cooking
The very best insulation products selected by Orion Heating. Our ovens perform well because our insulation kits include materials selected for the best performance and durability.

 Pizza Oven Features

  • Pizza Oven with stone cladding

    Install idea: stone/brick cladding

    Pizza oven with Roof and Walls

    Install idea: Roof and Walls

    Genuine Italian Woodfired Oven.  Cook Pizza surrounded with burning logs or rake out the embers to bake bread or roast meat and vegetables.

  • Kitchen or Garden Installation. These appliances can be sited indoors when installed with the specified flue hight, or outdoors with a short chimney. Chimney outlet in the archway draws smoke away before it reaches the opening, so heat stays inside the dome and smoke does not exit the doorway.
  • Composed entirely of Alutec – the best firebrick material. A hard fibre reinforced firebrick material resistant to thermal shock. Composed of 70% allumina it has an extremely high thermal capacity, ensuring that cooking temperatures remain stable and fall evenly. Finished and dired in the factory, so does not require a protracted curing procedure. Ready to use on delivery!
  • Pizza Oven installed indoors

    Install idea: Indoors

    Install idea: Forno Volta120 Pizza oven in an Alpine Ski Lodge

    Install idea: Part of decking

    Install idea: Pizza Oven in a Poolside Breeze House

    Install idea: Poolside Breeze House

    Massive flat cooking surfaces. Closely interlocking and thick Alutec base for multiple Pizzas or many kilos of bread dough.

  • Optional Chimney adaptor and damper. For fine control of the fire and burning rate. Plus adds an initial vertical section to ensure good smoke flow. Remaining oven flue system designed and supplied to suit installation and flue size.
  • Delivered on a pallet in easy to handle sections. Assembly is safe and straight forward, with easy to lift self supporting interlocking sections. No need for adhesive or cement.

Woodfired Pizza Ovens and Bread Ovens at Orion Heating, Takeley, Essex

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