ESSE Gas Range cookers

Flueless ESSE gas cast iron range with programmable controls

gas905mm wide Gas fuelled cooking ranges
– Flueless Catalytic burner requires no chimney
– The oven is heated when you need it via an Electronic programmer, providing heat to the room and saving fuel when not required.
– Easy to site and available for Mains Gas or LPG

Gill Meller at River Cottage shares his love of the ESSE Gas cooker in the video below. You’ve probably seen it on TV dozens of times, installed to one side in the main River Cottage farmhouse kitchen. We use it at every ESSE dealer event, plus they keep it running all year round for additional heat in the big draughty kitchen.

It’s the perfect cooker for their 17th Century farmhouse kitchen which has no mains gas and nowhere to run a flue pipe. It does not need a chimney because the Catalyst emits only pure and clean vapours, so the oven can be installed exactly where it’s needed.

The chefs and presenters have cooked some amazing dishes over the last 10 years using this reliable and robust range, please watch the videos below to hear how great this oven is.

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