ESSE – Electric Range Cooker

Established in 1854 – Esse have been part of British life for longer than any other Range Cooker brand. You can now enjoy the quality of a Cast Iron range with the features of a modern electric range cooker.

Orion Heating are the local ‘Esse Centre of Excellence’, so able to offer you the very best advice and customer service.

showcase_logo20150224_104753See the new Teal Green EL13amp true Range Cooker on display at Orion Heating. Ring ahead and we’ll set it in the unique ‘Slumber’ mode ready for your arrival. Transforming it from a conventional electric oven into a true heat storage Range.

EL13 AMP Electric True Range Cooker

gasEL13 Electric Range Cooker
990EL Electric Range Cooker
– 905mm or 990mm wide cast iron heat storage range cooker, runs on 2 13amp plugs
– Solid metal heat storage ovens for perfect roasting and baking
Slumber mode for kitchen warmth and true range cooking
– One Induction hob and one cast iron high power hot plate
– Main oven upto 250 degrees C, lower oven upto 175 C for slowroasts
– Traditional Analogue Oven Dials with discreet LED info lights (enclosed behind door on 990 EL)
Low running costs.  Enjoy all the benefits of a true heat storage range and warmth to the room – left on all day it only draws between 300-600 Watts in slumber mode.


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