ESSE – Plus 1 and Plus 2 Companion cookers

Esse Companion or ‘Half-Range Cooker’

showcase_logoShowcase model: Esse Plus 1 – Esse have created a Cooker and Room heater that operates at high efficiency to keep your kitchen warm and bake bread or cook stews. Using it’s Cast Iron body to retain and regulate the stored heat, the whole family with gravitate around the small cooker. This small woodfired cooker can compliment a range or stand proud on it’s own.

Standalone cookers or companion units;

companion1Esse Plus 1 Woodfired stand-alone or companion
– Cast Iron high quality cooker and room heater only 500mm wide
Multifuel kit available with grate and ashpan for solid fuel
– 32 litre oven below firebox, heated indirectly for even temperature
– Bulls eye hotplate directly above firebox for boiling and frying
– Esse ‘Afterburn’ technology for complete clean combustion of wood

companionEsse Plus 2 Electric or Electric/Gas companion cooker
– Cast Iron high quality cooker only 500mm wide
– Cooking only, not heating so ideal as a companion to Range
– Electric Oven and Hob, or Electric Oven and Gas Hob version
– Two oven;
• B-rated conventional oven plus grill 37 litre
•  Lower conventional oven 25 litre

As a companion to Esse Cast Iron Ranges

companion905mm or 990mm Range + Companion
= Summer & Winter cooking
– In matching enamel colours the combination is an attractive feature
– Full width towel rail and kickplate create a seamless appliance
– Wood/Gas/Oil in Winter for cooking and warmth
– Electric ovens and hob in Summer for more comfort

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