ESSE 990 WN Woodfired Range Cooker

The world’s cleanest woodburning cooker

The 990 WN, like all ESSE cookers, combines modern technology with classic ESSE quality and flies the flag for technological and environmental developments.

With three large capacity ovens (which can all maintain different temperatures for ease of use) the 990 offers a huge 112 litre cooking volume. It draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930s, and blends vintage aesthetics with modern benefits.

The 990 can achieve heat outputs between 2kW and 8kW depending how it is operated and how much fuel is loaded. The stylish firebox features a secondary glass door enabling the flames to be admired while allowing extra heat into the room, and the large cast iron hotplate has different temperature zones for added flexibility.

The 990 heats quickly from cold, has a large log capacity and also incorporates stainless steel towel rail, perfectly weighted, insulated lids over the hotplate and easy-shut door handles. You can even use the 990’s firebox to grill directly over hot embers with cooking smells disappearing up the flue. The 990 is available with or without a hot water boiler and can also be specified as a solid fuel cooker.

Oven Capacity Top 48ltr
Bottom 2 x 32ltr
Top 48ltr
Bottom 2 x 32ltr
Hotplate Over 6 pans Over 6 pans
Flue pipe diameter 6″ (150mm) 6″ (150mm)
Overnight burning (suitable for continuous burning) Yes Yes
Afterburn2™ technology Yes Yes
Mean boiler output inc DHW approx 6670Btu/h
Radient output to room (operating range) 3-5KW/h 3-5KW/h
Max efficiency % EN 12850 (wood) 74.8 77
Additional room vent required 1.75″ Dia

ESSE 990 WN Features

  • 990 mm wide to fit perfectly into a standard position
  • Woodburning cooker (multifuel conversion available)
  • Oven capacity top 48 ltr
  • Oven capacity bottom 2 x 32 ltr
  • Hotplate over 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous burning
  • Radiant heat output to room upto 5kW
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler (WD model)


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