ESSE Range Cookers

The classic ESSE range cooker, each model with its own character, but all sharing the same timeless elegance and impeccable engineering, which you’ll sense the second you open one of the hand-built cast iron doors.

esse range cookers at Orion HeatingVisit Orion Heating to see a wide selection of Esse Ranges, from the latest EL13 to the elegant simplicity of the Woodfired 905WN. We’ve been selling them for years, so feel free to bring along your list of questions. Orion Heating are a Specialist Esse Cooker Dealer, with a selection of styles, fuels and colours on display. see more details here.

Cooking, transformed by ESSE. From a stunning Sunday roast with all the trimmings to a simple bowl of buttery scrambled eggs, it doesn’t matter what’s on the menu – it’ll taste so much better cooked with ESSE.

 Electric & Gas Esse Range Cookers

True heat storage ranges updated with current technology. Manufactured with heavily insulated solid metal ovens, the Electric and Gas ranges offer the ultimate in convenience plus responsive but traditional range cooking.

990EL Esse Range Cooker

990 EL

Electric • 20 Colours • 990mm

Esse Range Cooker 990EL with a companion

990 EL with a companion

Electric • 20 Colours • 1490mm

EL13 Esse Range Cooker


Electric • 20 Colours • 905mm

EL13 Esse Range Cooker with a companion

EL 13AMP with a companion

Electric • 20 Colours • 1405mm

Esse Range Cooker CAT gas


Gas • 20 Colours • Companion option • 905mm

Esse Range Cooker gas ironheart

The Gas Ironheart

Gas • 1 Colour • 905mm

Woodfired Esse Range Cookers

Market leading and Patented woodburning technology, along with 160 years of experiance go to make an excellent cooking and heating appliance for any family home. Insulated for stable cooking temperatures, but with big fireboxes for heat to the room when required.

Testamonials – Our customers describe the day to day joys, practicalities and benefits of living with a Woodfired ESSE range cooker.

Esse Range Cooker 990WN

990 WN

Wood • 20 Colours •  Water heating options • 990mm

Esse Range Cooker 990WN with a companion

990 WN with a companion

Wood • 20 Colours • Water heating options • 1490mm

Esse Range Cooker 905WN

905 WN

Wood • 20 Colours • Water heating options • Companion option • 905mm

 Multifuel Esse Range Cookers

With the additional option to burn anthracite or smokeless fuel, as well as wood, these ovens can burn for extended periods. The 990CH can provide massive amounts of hot water for running an entire central heating system as well as cooking. The Ironheart is loved by owners for it’s cosy look and generous heat output.

ironheart Esse Range Cooker

The Ironheart

Multifuel • Water heating options • 1 Colour • 905mm

990CH Esse Range Cooker

990 CH

Multifuel • Specialist high output heating range • 20 Colours • 990mm

990CH Esse Range Cooker with companion

990 CH with a companion

Multifuel • Specialist high output heating range • 20 Colours • 1490mm

 Oil fired Esse Range Cookers

The Cooking only ESSE Oil range is an excellent option for homes in remote or rural locations. The modern Pressure Jet oil burner gives clean and efficient heat to both the room and ovens. If high output to water is required, Esse offer three Central heating models.

ESSE-oil Esse Range Cooker


Oil • 20 Colours • 3 Central heating options • 905mm

ESSE oil with a companion Esse Range Cooker

ESSE Oil with a companion

Oil • 20 Colours • 1405mm

Standalone or Companion Cookers

Built using heavy insulation and solid metal ovens, it’s really a mini-range. The Plus1 Woodfired oven is now a popular choice for kitchens that require; extra heating, a cosy focal point, and additional cooking options. Equally at home next to a standard Esse Range or installed in a corner on it’s own.

plus1 Esse Range Cooker

Plus 1

Wood • 20 Colours • 500mm

plus-500 Esse Range Cooker

Plus 500 Hot Cupboard

Electric • Induction Hob option • 20 Colours • 500mm



ESSE began back in 1854 with a simple mission: to create the cleanest-burning, highest quality stoves and range cookers. ESSEs have been relied upon in some of the world’s most demanding environments – from the kitchens of the Savoy, to Scottish bothys and royal residences, and they’re still built here in the UK.

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