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ESSE Range Cookers have been around since 1856, heating and feeding our families, farmers, soldiers and explorers. There are few parts of the world that have not seen a traditional wood or anthracite ESSE range. Each model has its own character, but the entire collection shares a reassuring level of quality that you can sense as soon as you open one of the hand-built, cast iron doors.

Esse CentreOrion Heating are the regional appointed ESSE Centre. We have an ESSE range cooker display area to demonstrate fuel types and oven sizes. From experience we can offer advice to help you choose the right model for your home or demonstrate the benefits of range cooking.

Events and Testimonials…

First hand advice from our customers
woodburning-maxThe benefits of living with a Woodfired ESSE range cooker.

Our customers describe the day to day joys and practicalities of living with a woodfired range cooker.

Range Cooker Options;

gas905mm wide Gas fuelled cooking ranges – click for more info
– Flueless Catalytic burner requires no chimney
– The oven is heated when you need it via an Electronic programmer, providing heat to the room and saving fuel when not required.
– Easy to site and available for Mains Gas or LPG

woodburning905mm and 990mm wide Woodfired cooking ranges – click for more info
– The ultimate in fuel indepandance and traditional cooking
– Not only controllable ovens and a nice cosy kitchen, the woodfired ranges benefit from Esse’s cutting edge AfterBurn Technology
– Multifuel kits convert the ranges into Solid fuel cookers
– Low and High output water heating options for full central heating

990905mm and 990mm wide Electric cooking range – click for more info
– Choose the EL13amp range for true heat storage traditional cooking
– Easy to install and site anythere in the kitchen
– Built to the same high standards using UK parts and manufacturing

oil905mm wide Oil fired cooking ranges
– Standard 905mm wide chassis with 2 ovens and dogbone hob
– Cooking only or high output to water for full central heating
– 60k, 80k and 106k BTU water output for large homes
– Pressure jet oil technology with separate heating/cooking burners
– Optional configuration for diesel. Suitable for large boats

companion1500mm Plus 1 and Plus2 Standalone or Companion cookers – click for more info
– Great as a woodburing stove in the kitchen that can also bake, roast and grill. The Plus 1 is a very smart looking appliance
– Only 500mm wide, so far easier to accomodate into the kitchen
– Also expands an ESSE Full range by adding an alternative fuel option.

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