Phoenix Firelighter

IMG_7088No Newspaper. No Kindling. No Paraffin Blocks.
Phoenix intelligent firelighting does it for you.

Phoenix FirelightersTM revolutionise the lighting of all solid fuel fires. Plug in, place in firebed and it lights wood, coal, charcoal or peat fires in 2 minutes.

The Phoenix Electronic Firelighter sets light to all solid fuels within 2 minutes. The mains operated firelighter gently blows super heated air at the fuel source. Wood, coal, charcoal or peat are ignited easily. There is no need for any type of kindling, simply place your solid fuel in the fireplace, position your Phoenix Fire Lighter with the heat nozzle close to the fuel and turn on. You can sit back content in the knowledge that you will have a roaring fire every time in only a couple of minutes , with no smelly hands and no sore knees!

Advanced Phoenix Electronics
With simple push button ignition, incorporating a 5 second hold safety feature. Integrated tilt switch – immediately turning the electronic fire lighter off if knocked over. Auto shut down feature at the end of lighting each fire.

Light fires cheaply with Phoenix Firelighters
Lighting your fire, be it a log burner, multi fuel burner or traditional open fire will cost you less than 1p. This is a significant saving over the winter when the total cost of kindling / firelighters / sweat and tears can be considerable. So no running out of kindling ,no searching for fuel based firelighters (that you finished last night!), all you need is your Phoenix Fire Lighter and add wood…

Available from Orion Heating for £129.99 inc. VAT

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