Accessories for Stoves and Cookers

We hold stocks of accessories for purchase in the shop, if making a special journey please call us on 01279 813591 to check availability.

Small accessories can be sent by post. Packaging and shipment will cost £3.00 for recorded delivery using Royal Mail. Postage costs for larger items are available if you phone the shop. Ring 01279 813591 to order or reserve a product for collection

Phoenix Firelighter

No Newspaper. No Kindling. No Paraffin Blocks. Phoenix intelligent firelighting does it for you.

Phoenix FirelightersTM revolutionise the lighting of all solid fuel fires. Lights wood, coal, charcoal or peat fires in 2 minutes.
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Price £129.99


Stirling Engine

Stove Fan Large or long rooms sometimes need extra air movements to evenly spread the stoves heat around. These heat powered fans do the job very well.Heat from the stove body is used to power a two piston stirling engine. The engine directly drives a large powerful fan

  • Precision engineering and elegant piston drive
  • High power, moves 210 cubic feet of air per minute
  • Looks great in matt black stove paint to match your fireplace
  • Ideal present for engineers and lovers of quality mechanical engineering

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PRICE: £149.99


Stovax Thermometer The Stovax Stovepipe Thermometer

Magnetic Flue Pipe Thermometer for optimising your burning for efficiency and reducing waste. By keeping the dial in the top silver ark, you are preventing both tar build-ups in the chimney -caused by inefficient low running temperatures- and excessive temperatures that can damage flue systems.The flue system one foot above the stove should be at 150 – 250 °C. By using the stove pipe thermometer to achieve this, the corresponding burning chamber temperature will be 250 – 350 °C. At these optimum running temperatures the stove will work at it’s best. Volatile sugars, oils and resins in the wood will be burnt and not wasted, preventing their build up in the flue system or stuck to the glass.
Price £14.50


Spray on Glass Cleaner – An orange foaming cleaner for removing tar stains from stove glass. Sometimes even the most skilled stove user can blacken the glass. Damp wood or an extremely slow running stove are the usual cause. This cleaner clings to the glass as a foam so does not run. Inferior glass sprays will run down the door and damage the rope adhesive. Caustic Sodium hydroxide, so cannot be posted. 750ml bottle

Price: £7.50

Moisture Meters

Discounted Postage offer!Mini Moisture Meter The KAMASA Moisture Meter – Packed full of features – Fits in the pocket – LCD display, 1% accuracy – RoHS and CE certification – Measures ambient temperature – Batteries and carry strap included.

£23.00 PROMOTION – Postage is only £1.50


Damp wood is the #1 cause of blackened glass, blocked flues and low heat output. The same rules apply now as they did in the stone age, don’t burn damp wood! Stove manufactures recommend that fuel has a moisture content of less than 20%. See our Wood Fuel Quality page for more info.

Log Tidy Advance

This is the ideal solution to log storage. Constructed from lightweight yet strong tubular steel, this will keep your logs tidy and above the ground. It allows air to circulate around your wood supply helping to season them correctly.

    • Strong but lightweight tubular construction
    • Durable and weather proof powder coat finish
    • Keeps your wood supplies neat and to hand
    • Includes green waterproof cover with front opening
    • Simple home assembly – comes with tools

Height          1100mm
Width           1200mm
Depth           350mm

Shown with optional wooden shelf. 35cm+ logs can be piled onto the metal frame for optimum air drying and storage. Shorter logs or bags of fuel may benefit from the wooden shelf. Please enquire as to which would suit you best.

Price £49.75



Flame lampsLUXA Realistic Electric Flame lamps

Brighten up your fireplace or stove during summer months. These lamps use a clever combination of blown air, quivering silk and filtered light.The effect is a realistic flame, silent in operation while only consuming 10W of power. The base unit is only 8x8cm, but the flame is long and extends up to roughly 20cm in total height. Using a clever slow running fan and delicate silk these lamps achieve a deceptively life-like flame. Also great for lighting up a table display or adding flames to your evening barbecues. PRICE: £25


BURNER fire starter is the safest way to light up a fireplace, barbecue or bonfire. These odourless sachets are classified as non hazardous and non poisonous, and come in a practical barrel.BURNER is a Danish product of odourless fire starters with practical packaging. The BURNER factory is located in Copenhagen, and all BURNER products are produced using state-of-the-art production techniques.

Price £9.95


Caframo Ecofan

Ecofan 812 Airmax Wood-Stove Fan
ecofan 812 airmaxThe Caframo Ecofan is a heat-powered fan designed to circulate the warm air created by a stove. Operating over a wide range of stove top temperatures; between 65°C and 345°C. These fans do not use batteries or mains power, instead they generate electricity from heat absorbed from the stove body.
Creates its own Electricity!
Increases Your Comfort
Use Less Fuel
Silent In Operation

Price: £149.99

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